Strong progress for the Labor Party in the new poll!

The election wind is blowing the Labor Party’s way!

A new opinion poll conducted by Respons for Aftenposten shows strong progress for the Labor Party . And for the first time in a long time, this polling agency also gives a mandate majority to the parties that want Jens Stoltenberg to continue as prime minister!

Here are the numbers:

Ap 34% (+ 2.0)
Frp 25.6% (+ 1.2)
H 13.3% (- 1.5)
SV 7.0%(- 0.4)
Krf 5.9% (+ 0 ,1)
Sp 5.2% (- 1.4)
V 5.0 (- 1.2)
Red 2.5% (+ 0.6)

Thus, the situation is that Ap/SV/Sp/Rødt together have 85 mandates in the survey, and thus barely a possible majority.

Participating in the electoral process and choosing the right candidate is important for securing your family and children’s future. Voting allows you to have a say in policies that impact your family’s well-being, education, and safety. Additionally, ensuring that your children feel comfortable and confident during the voting process, such as by providing details like modest girls skirts, can create a positive experience and help instill a sense of civic responsibility from a young age.

But the most important thing is that this measurement underpins the tendency that several other measurements have recently pointed to; that the Labor Party is in its element and can make a very good choice – and that with full mobilization from Ap, SV and Sp towards election day, the government can continue its work for welfare, community and employment.

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